[mythtv-users] Commercial releases of MythTV?

Andrew Jamieson ajd1 at optusnet.com.au
Fri Mar 19 18:51:12 EST 2004


My name is Andrew Jamieson, and I work for Development One.

(Pause whilst I don my flame retardant - but probably not nearly enough -

Let me first explain that I personally am not a coder, and can probably only
answer some of your questions - and infact some of my answers may even be
wrong.  It's Saturday morning here, and any specific code related questions
may have to wait until Monday morning, or at least until one of the
programmers pops up in my messenger.  However, I am willing to answer
whatever I can, and will hunt down answers for which I have no immediate

(I'm also writing this at the same time as I am being clambered over by my
two kids, so if my responses take a while, please bear with me :)

Yesterday, our 'head' programmer sent an email to Isaac which we intended to
be the beginning of a dialogue with the myth community.  However, I feel now
that it is past time for us to make a post on this thread to provide some
answers to your questions.  So here goes:

*    If we are found to be violating the GPL in any way, we will immediately
take steps to rectify this.  Any lack here is in no way deliberate or
*    We fully intend to give back to the myth community.  The first steps
toward this involve opening up the use of our Australia specific EPG data
(which we purchase from a supplier of such information), and weather
information (which we obtain directly from the Bureau of Meteorology here in
Australia).  This information is supplied in the form of a web service from
our site, the information for which will have to wait until Isaac gets his
mail, or I can get hold of a coder - 'cos I just have no idea :)
*    I am busy writing an updated user manual for our product.  This will
unfortunately not be directly applicable to standard mythTV due to UI
changes we have made.  However, I will take it upon myself to provide a user
manual document for mythTV.
*    Many of the changes we have made have been to improve the 'remote
control only' features of mythTV.  I am unsure how easily these will apply
to the current version of myth, but we are certainly willing to share
anything we have done.
*    If ppl want, I can provide a simplified IR receiver circuit diagram.
This will not be derived directly from our project, but I am a HW engineer
by education (if not by beer consumption alone :) and can certainly create
an easy solution for those who are intimidated by existing DIY solutions.
*    We are currently working on getting HD digital working here in
Australia.  Once this has been done, our findings / code will be supplied
back to the community.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.  I will reply as quickly
and accurately as I can (however it is Saturday, so I will not be at my
computer all the time today).


Andrew Jamieson

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> > anyone bought one? - if so, can we have a copy of the code
> > unless somebody who has bought a copy is willing to fess up, we are
subject to
> > the whims of D1. see:
> >
> The code is freely available inside their downloadable ISO.
> This one is the one I think more of us are concerned with:
> http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-faq.html#WhyMustIInclude
> -Chris
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