[mythtv-users] OSD on cle266

Curtis Stanford curtis at stanfordcomputing.com
Fri Mar 19 13:35:28 EST 2004

Does anyone else use the cle266 hardware mpeg decoding on an EPIA platform? 
Ever since a couple of months ago, any moving OSD (i.e. time counters) flash 
and flicker something awful. I asked about this before and Isaac said he 
changed something but wasn't using cle266 anymore so couldn't debug it. Fair 

However, it's really driving me crazy, especially since I know it used to work 
great. Anyway, if I'm the only one using this platform anymore, I may have to 
live with it. Otherwise, I'd be happy to serve as tester for anyone who would 
care to help. I could also try to fix it by myself but I'm a total noob to 
all this MPEG decoding and overlay stuff. If anyone could give me a clue 
about where in the code this fix would possibly be done, I can dick around 
with it myself.

Thanks all


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