[mythtv-users] PVR-250 MCE Not Working Following Jarod's Guide

Bruce Smith brucesmith at chartermi.net
Fri Mar 19 10:48:32 EST 2004

> This is taken from the wiki at ivtv.soundforge.net. It looks like if you buy
> a retail PVR-250 (at least in the states) you should be fine. It is when you
> get one of the Freestyle cards (i.e. MCE versions) where you have to watch
> out.

OK, thanks.

> Hauppague Freestyle (aka PVR-250 MCE):
> Rev1: Models 48xxx, has no IR port 

Do those work?

> Rev2: Models 28xxx, has no IR port and dual Conexant chips: CX23880/CX23416
> (this board does not work), code name Roslyn 

I'm a little confused.  I have a retail PVR-250, and lspci -v says:

00:0b.0 Multimedia video controller: Internext Compression Inc iTVC16
(CX23416) MPEG-2 Encoder (rev 01)
        Subsystem: Hauppauge computer works Inc. WinTV PVR 250

But you're saying that a CX23416 doesn't work?  Mine works fine.
OK, now I'm a LOT confused!  :-)

> Rev2: Models 32xxx, has no IR port, should have Conexant CX23416 

Do those work?

> Mine has a large 28552 right on top of the heatsink, making mine one of the
> incompatible ones. Like I said, if you buy a retail PVR-250 you shouldn't
> have any problems. I kind of wish I would have known that beforehand, I
> would have spent the extra $20 :). Although the Freestyle cards do have the
> MPEG decoder built onto them as well and that could one day be supported in
> Linux.

Does anyone know if the ones Circuit City sells are retail versions, and
if they are supported or not?  Thanks!

 - BS

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> > Wow, I didn't know there was a newer revision of the PVR-250 that 
> > switched chipsets. I'll give the cx88 driver a shot when I get home. I 
> > have another PVR-250 card coming (from the guy on ebay selling them 
> > for $88 again); hopefully that will be a better revision.
> I've been thinking about buying a 2nd PVR-250.  It sounds like I may have
> waited too long.  :-(
> Anyway, how can I tell the difference between the old/working board and the
> new rev of the 250?  If I go into my local computer store that has one in
> stock, and I can talk them into opening the box, how can I tell which rev
> the card is just by looking at it?  Is there anything on the outside of the
> box which tells the difference?  Thanks!
>  - BS

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