[mythtv-users] Commercial releases of MythTV?

David Rees drees at greenhydrant.com
Thu Mar 18 18:43:52 EST 2004

Ian Forde wrote:
> Actually, they do give a nod to MythTV.  Check the downloadable pdf
> manual, page 28.  They've even got a reasonable warranty!
> I'd say this product is a Good Thing[tm]... now if they'd just kick some
> dollars towards the product... or even better, get some companies
> (cough, cough, Conexant) to release some specs...

LOL.  Looks like D1 is on the level as they appear to provide source for
all the software you receive.  The hardware they're using looks pretty
nice.  I wonder how they are able to compete with TiVO at such a high
price, is TiVO available down under?


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