[mythtv-users] Commercial releases of MythTV?

Ian Forde ian at duckland.org
Thu Mar 18 17:40:07 EST 2004

On Thu, 2004-03-18 at 14:02, Scott LeBrun wrote:
> Hi guys.
> What is the general feeling about commercial releases of MythTV bundled
> with hardware?
> There's just been an article published in Australian Personal Computer
> magazine about 'Australia's first all-encompassing entertainment box',
> and guess what... it's MythTV - with absolutely no mention at all of the
> origins of the software. The article praises what an incredible job
> they've done with their 'proprietary interface'.
> The company is called Development 1. http://www.d1.com.au   I've just
> checked their website - again no mention about MythTV or even the
> origins of the code. From the screenshots you can see they've even made
> their own theme - just ripping the words 'MythTV' and replacing with
> their company logo.
> It got me very annoyed that someone can just come along, rip the code
> that you guys have spent years working on for no payment at all, and
> sell it. If you guys are happy with this going on - fine, I'll drop it.
> If not, there's a nasty letter about to be sent to the editor :-)

Actually, they do give a nod to MythTV.  Check the downloadable pdf
manual, page 28.  They've even got a reasonable warranty!

I'd say this product is a Good Thing[tm]... now if they'd just kick some
dollars towards the product... or even better, get some companies
(cough, cough, Conexant) to release some specs...


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