[mythtv-users] MythTV is Discriminating

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Tue Mar 16 15:55:13 EST 2004

Adam Biskobing wrote:
> I don't think anyone can really help without some more information.
> What is your setup?  Distro? Capture card? Have you tried watching tv
> through another app on HBO to see if the problem is hardware or myth
> related?
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>>>Friday night I opened up one of my HBO recorded programs to
>>>watch but it was full of artifacts and a/v lag (sometimes 
>>>green blocks at the bottom). I checked HBO LiveTV and the same 
>>>thing was happening. Other HBO channels are also doing this. 
>>>It has lasted for 3 days now. I didn't do anything to the box 
>>>that might cause this. Rebooting did not fix it.

I have this problem with PBS sometimes.  It's something in their signal. 
  When it happens on live, it can be hard to change channels too, 
because my box becomes somewhat unresponsive.


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