[mythtv-users] Re: How to get Homebrew transmitter to work? (UPDATE!)

Steven Rubano srubano at ccap.net
Tue Mar 16 12:31:01 EST 2004

Bill Bradley wrote:


>I wouldn't hold my breath on getting the sa2000 config file to work with

>4200.  I have been trying to do the same with the 3250 model. I tried with 

>the home built transmitter and the Actisys 200L, no luck.  I also tried 

>recording the 3250 remote with the 200L, the resulting file wouldn't even 

>pulse the transmitter ( checking with a camcorder ).  I have emailed the

>list to see if anyone has a config file, but no luck yet.  I am going to

>and call my cable co to see if they have an old 2000 series box I can use.


>OT, but what kind of paper is that?  Sounds cool.


>bill bradley....

>wbradley at bham.rr.com



I was doing some "Googling" and it seems that the remote for the 2000 and
the 4200 look identical..now I know that this doesn't mean that they ARE the
same.but there's hope. I have the model# of the 2000 remote (E2050-ER1) but
I couldn't find the model number for the 4200, I'll have to wait until I get
home from work tonight to look at my remote for the model number. Hopefully
they will be the same and it will only be a matter of finding out what's
wrong with my homebrew transmitter. The only difference between my
transmitter and the one listed on the Lirc site is the Capacitor value. The
schematics call for a 4000uF cap where as the only size I can find was
4700uF. All the other parts are as is in the schematic.


Anyone know if these remotes are the RC5 ones that may work with the PVR350
IR sensor?


The paper I am referring to for viewing IR light is actually sold at Radio
Shack. It's not a sheet of paper but rather a sliver of it laminated on a
card. You point any Ir device at it, press a button and watch the paper glow
with every "zap"..great little $6.00 tool to do a quick sanity test to see
if it's your remote or the device that isn't working. The camcorder trick is
good too, but this is much easier to carry around and it won't break if you
drop it.




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