[mythtv-users] Un-Success.

Chris Thompson ct-myth at cthompson.com
Mon Mar 15 18:39:31 EST 2004


As a background, I'm not a new linux user. I've used linux in some form
since before kernel 1.0, worked in infrastructure and system administration
for a dotcom, have consulted extensively on Open Source software.

I am completely stymied by mythtv and have not managed to get hardly
anything working in four weeks.

My goal is a client server setup.

Backend server in the basement.

Generic KT266A based Athlon board
Athlon 1600MP (Yes, MP in a single proc board)
512meg PC2100
Onboard Via-Rhine net
PVR-250 (ivtv retirns iTVC16)
two Aver M179
30gig root drive
160gig storage drive
FC1 set up per Jarod's HOWTO, all the RPMs from Axel.
Three RCA DRD435RH DirecTV boxes, controlled by serial and RCA.pl

Initial testing on that box with a GeForce FX5200 in it and the board's
onboard AC97 sound, my success was hit and miss.

With just the PVR-250 in it, I did manage to get a reasonable signal in
from my three DirecTV boxes over Svideo, though the combination of relevant
test_ioctl settings seemed a bit of a crapshoot.

Adding the two M179's in and all the work I'd done seemed to be set back to
zero. No video, some sound, data errors from the /dev/video0 device. rmmod
ivtv, modprobe ivtv, and it still wouldn't work, but with different

Just a single M179 and I'd get video, but in black and white, from svideo.
Switching to Composite in and the video is incredibly noisy, with strong
interference lines through it, and scratchy, crackly sound.

So, I decided, screw it. moved the backend across the basement to where I
keep all the servers and started building my frontend box.

Chaintech 7NIF2
Athlon 2100MP
256meg PC2100 (Non-ECC, since the board won't even post with ECC ram)
Antec Minuet case

The board will not boot any linux CD I can find. Not Gentoo LiveCD, not
Knoppmyth, not FC1. It won't boot either with the DVD-ROM or with a 52x
CD-ROM I had lying around. 

Last night I got so fed up, I gutted an unused machine (Celeron 633, old)
to try to get something working and managed to install knoppmyth on it....

Only to find that the backend was feeding me audio, but no video.

I'm at wits end. I have the wife all sold on myth, I even convinced her to
let me finally get a DirecTV dish installed because it was "easier to
control". I've got four weeks sunk into this with nothing to show.

I keep seeing these "Success!" emails and I'm just wondering what the hell
I'm doing wrong. Did I bite off too much by trying to do a client/server
setup with three cards?  Anyone got any words of encouragement?

Right now I've got a backend box that captures when it feels like it.

The backend box has two M179 cards which refuse to capture in color over
Svid, capture with hideous interference over composite, and have scratchy,
near unintelligible sound.

GAH! Help!

Chris Thompson

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