[mythtv-users] lirc woes: gray haupauge remote

Jay Donoghue mythtv at donoghue.org
Fri Mar 12 20:26:04 EST 2004


I had the same problem with ATrpms.  I, and others on the list, have had
luck reverting to the previous 20040208 version of the lirc drivers.  I'm
not sure how to do this using the command line, but synaptic made it easy.

 - J

> I used the latest ATrpms.
> James
> Dan Conti wrote:
>>What version of lirc did you install? Where'd the package come from? If
>>you look in the archives there was a bug that made it into the cvs
>>snapshots on lirc.org, which also made it into some of the packaged RPMs.
>>On Fri, 12 Mar 2004, James Colannino wrote:
>>>Hey everyone.  I've run into another problem that I've never had
>>>before.  Again, I followed and re-checked the procedure outlined in
>>>Jarod's guide, and while it's worked before, it refuses to work now :(
>>>I've installed the lirc-kmdl package for my kernel as well as the lirc
>>>package.  Everything looks good.  The chipset is detected when I check
>>>dmesg and the lircd service starts up fine without complaining.  I
>>>checked /var/log/messages and everything looked good in there as well.
>>>However, I fired up irw and nothing happened.  I did copy lircd-g.conf
>>>to /etc/lircd.conf, and I even created my user's .lircrc file.  However,
>>>the remote doesn't do anything.  irxevent + mythfrontend doesn't do
>>>anything either.  I fired up my old installation where I knew things
>>>were working to check and see if it would work now.  I thought maybe the
>>>batteries in the remote had gone bad or something.  But no such luck :(
>>>It worked fine on my old installation, which leaves me wondering what
>>>exactly I did wrong.  As far as I can tell, I did everything exactly the
>>>same.  Anyone know what I should check next?  Anyone else having
>>>similiar problems?  Thanks in advance.
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