[mythtv-users] ATI overscan?

Jon Read mythtv at jonread.com
Fri Mar 12 08:47:47 EST 2004


I'm using a cheap ATI 9200SE card in my myth box, mainly because I've 
never been happy with the TV out of the nvidia cards I've tried.

The handy thing about the ATI card is that TV out just works without any 
drivers, so I don't ever need to attach a monitor for maintenance.  For 
X support I'm using the ati-drivers and ati-drivers-extra 3.7.6 gentoo 
ebuilds, which work well.

However... the TV out to my 16:9 PAL set always has black bars along the 
top and bottom of the screen.  Is there anything that will let me adjust 
the overscan of the TV out on ATI cards?  Changing video mode doesn't 
seem to change the size of the TV output in any way.

I've used fglrxconfig to change the card settings, but it never alters 
the vertical scan height of the TV out.

Am I going to have to resort to building a VGA-to-SCART lead and running 
a custom 720x576 PAL-I modeline?


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