[mythtv-users] ATC-620 front logo

Dan Morphis dan at milkcarton.com
Wed Mar 10 18:33:14 EST 2004

Dan, w/ the non-removable drive bays, did you figure out a way to screw 
in the non-exposed side to your dvd drive?  I have the same case, and 
for my dvd drive it really isn't an issue, but for my lcd panel, the 
non-exposed side I haven't been able to figure out how to get it screwed 
in so when I push buttons on the display it flexes. . .


Dan Conti wrote:
> They are good stuff. I have the 610 (i think) and have been really happy.
> The only things i wasn't keen on -
> * No detachable drive bay, so it's a bit tricky to get the drives in
> (since you have to do it after the mb is in)
> * Cable wiring for the front panel wasn't optimal, i think i managed to
> run most of them out of the way and in a couple spots under the mb
> * It is nearly impossible to get a silent 60mm case fan; i ended up
> disconnecting the internal fan and removing it (leaving the grill). I have
> not had temp problems (athlon 1800+, zalman 5100-cu, and a low noise PSU)
> I bought a pioneer slot loading dvd drive for it, and have been super
> happy overall, but getting it set up had some gotchas.
> -Dan

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