[mythtv-users] Where to set hue/saturation

Tom Marshall tommy at home.tig-grr.com
Wed Mar 10 08:56:33 EST 2004

> The picture from my mythtvbox is over saturated. (not considering the
> colors, the picture from my mythbox is _better_ than the actual
> TV-picture). Were is the the best place to change this setting?

This is a bit tricky.  It is stored in the channel table in the database. 
The colour field is the saturation.  It's stored per-channel, so you would
do this to update the setting globally:

  $ mysql -u mythtv -p mythconverg
  (type password 'mythtv' here)
  mysql> update channel set colour=#;

I'm not certain what the range is.  I think it is 0-65535, with a default
value of 32768.

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