[mythtv-users] PVR250 MPEG2 files viewed on Windows box

MythTV mythtv at hribnak.com
Tue Mar 9 01:23:09 EST 2004

I have watched my recordings done with a 350, within Media player as well as
the ATI player I have with my other tuner card (which I am not using, was
hoping there were linux drivers for it.. :)

I did have some weird problems where the mp2 file crashed my windows machine
forcing a hard reboot, not sure why but it did it..


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> Hello,
> I've recently replaced the ATI TV Wonder card in my mythtv box with a
> card.  One of the great side effects I've noticed is that I'm now able to
> view the MPEG2 .nuv files on my Windows PC over a Samba share.  However,
> although everything looks great when viewing these files on my TV, when I
> watch them from my windows box, the color palette doesn't look quite right
> and I get a lot of artifacts.  Has anyone else out there conquered this
> I've searched the mailing list and unfortunately haven't found much.
> Thanx in advance for any advice!
> Dan
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