[mythtv-users] Newbie hardware purchase question

KMF katoom at pacbell.net
Mon Mar 8 11:43:45 EST 2004


    As will soon be apparent I'm a newbie. Even though I've spent
  some time going through the (voluminous) archives and reading
  traffic I'm still uncertain about how to begin on an
  initial hardware purchase for MythTV.

    I believe that my requirements are modest but I'd like the
  finished system to be able to do the following:

  o output to non-HDTV standard televisions  o input from cable 
(currently analog) or DVD
  o simultaneous record and playback, pause live TV (is it also
    possible to pause live TV while recording?)
  o system placed in living room so silent and relatively low
    power consumption (?)
  o IR control for "everyday" use
  o Uh, good support for Linux/Myth

    My inclination is to just get a PVR350 and set everything
  up on my desktop system (AMD2500) to get educated. Then, once
  I have a clue, purchase the rest of the hardware for the finished
  system.  However, given my requirements might it be more prudent
  to just start with one of these SolarPC systems (like the SPVR2100m)
  for the hardware as I am likely to end up with something like this


   What are the disadvantages of these EPIA systems for use with
  Linux/Myth PVR systems? 
    Thanks for any help,


     katoom at pacbell.net

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