[mythtv-users] X GUI Resolution via PVR-350?

Paul K. paulk at parlorcity.com
Sun Mar 7 22:30:33 EST 2004


  For the most part I have my MythTV 0.14, Slackware 9.1, Hauppauge pvr350 running now. Thank you to all that helped - Directly and indirectly. Right now I am sending all video to the TV via the 350's RCA jacks. Noticing some extra noise mixed in the audio, but maybe that's my rca cable.

  The questions I have are about X's resolution on the TV (too big) and sharpness. I've been changing settings in my XF86Config file to try and  make the image smaller to fit all   on screen. It seems no matter what I try the size stays the same. Am I editing the right file? Also, can anything be done about none TV images? It's kind of hard to read the channel display to see what's on.

  I don't mean to bash anyone. I really like this program.  It's amazing. TV is really clear. Thanks again.

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