[mythtv-users] mythtvsetup won't run, exits with errors (Fedora)

Cam Vertesi cvertesi at indiana.edu
Sat Mar 6 21:48:08 EST 2004

> > This error means that it can't connect to your mysql database.
> > 
> > 1) make sure that mysql is running:
> > # ps -ael |grep mysql
> > look for at least one instance of mysql
> it's running
> > 2) make sure that your databases actually exist in mysql.  I don't know
> > sql enough to help you out here, but you can just repeat the steps
> > outlined in Jarod's howto.
> I can't tell if they exist either. I've executed the instructions in 
> Jarod's HOW_TO over and over...
> I thought it might be a permissions thing, but if you can't find the 
> database, how can you set permissions?

Right, so it looks like it's a problem with MySQL.  did you set up any
passwords on your sql server?  Check the mysql logs in /var/log to see
what's happening.  If myth is trying to access a database that doesn't
exist, you'll see evidence there.

To check about permissions problems, first make sure that mythbackend
and mythtv are not running (ps -ael |grep myth).  Then login to kde (or
whatever) as root.  Open a terminal window, and type mythbackend.  Watch
that badboy for any error output.  Then run mythtvsetup from a separate
terminal window, and watch that for error output. If it works running as
root, but not as your mythtv user, then you know it's a permissions
issue.  If it still doesn't work, you can see what error output (if any)
you receive.

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