[mythtv-users] one IR receiver to rule them all?

Chris Thompson ct-myth at cthompson.com
Fri Mar 5 13:43:06 EST 2004

Mike Jasper (e394td at comcast.net) wrote:
> I'll have two PVR-250s, fed by two Dish Network receivers.  Can a single 
> IR receiver + a single remote be used to control both tuners, plus other 
> stuff (MythGame, MythMusic, etc)?

Absolutely, because your remote doesn't control the dish tuners, Myth does.

My setup, which should be complete when Fedex delivers my remote this
afternoon, is three DirecTV tuners attached to three PVR/M179 cards in a
backend box in my basement. The backend will control the tuners by serial
cable, but, if I were using Dish, could do so using IR Blasters, or little
IR LED's attached to, say, your serial port. The LIRC site has a schematic
for an IR transmitter which is trivially small. You'll probably need to
come up with a way to have a different IR blaster for each box, and mask
them in such a way that each box can only see one. Otherwise changing one
will change both.

Myth has to control your boxes, otherwise it can't do scheduled recordings.
I'm sure there's a ton of other benefits as well, but that's the big one.

My front end box will be a box in a cool looking case under my TV which
boots diskless and has no vid capture of it's own. It will have the Media
Center Remote from newegg hooked up, and using the new drivers which Dan
Conti whipped together. When I send a signal from the remote, the Media
Center receiver will transmit it to lirc, lirc will tell mythfrontend,
which will tell mythbackend.

mythbackend will then pick a tuner and change that tuner's channel using
the sony.pl script to send control commands directly to my DirecTV boxes.

There's no reason that I couldn't use the remote and receiver you listed,
and do the same thing.

I chose the Media Center Remote, which will not be able to control my Sony
TV, because the myth box is going to be the ONLY thing under the TV now,
since I'm also taking delivery of a DVD-ROM drive today. Still working out
how to switch the TV off and on from the remote. I'm thinking I can do it
with an X10 module.

Chris Thompson

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