[mythtv-users] KnppMyth + PVR350 How can I get TV OUT?

stan stanb at panix.com
Thu Mar 4 20:51:00 EST 2004

Im building a MythTV system starting with KnoppMyth R2. I've got a PVR-350
as /dev/vdieo0 and a PVR-250 as /dev/video1.

Thanks to help from this list i have a great deal of the things I need

However, I seem to be unable to get the PVR-350's TV Out working corectly.
If I add the saa71272 module by hand, like this:

insmod saa7127 enable_output=1 utput_type=1 

And check the "Use PVR-350 output" in the setting, then I can see the
output of recoded shows, and "live TV" on the TV I have hooked up to the S
Video output of the PVR-350.

However, I don't get any sound. 

I have changed the line in /home/mythtv/.fwm/.fvwmrc to run just
mythfronted, instead of KnoppMythrun, but I still don't get any sound out.
I'm asuming that the sound should be on the S Video, right?

This is my first exposure to S Video, so I could be wrong.

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