[mythtv-users] Official Uptime Thread

Simon at the Threshold dweller at the-threshold.org
Thu Mar 4 13:30:09 EST 2004

My Athlon 2400+ (2 x Nova-tDVB-T cards) Fedora Core 1 box has an uptime 
of 16 days and I see no reason why it should stay up until the next 
powercut or major kernel update.

However mythtv 0.15 needs to be restarted every 5/6 hours so its a bit 
of cheat saying 16 days.


Douglas Beck wrote:
> Hey, All.  I recently rebuilt my MythTV machine and I think this time 
> I've got something that's stable.  I just wanted to hear from people, 
> what their setup is and what their uptime is...  Here's mine:
> MythTV 0.14 PVR-250 AMD 2100XP Fedora Core 1:  Uptime 5 days

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