[mythtv-users] Official Uptime Thread

Garry garry at sneakyninja.net
Thu Mar 4 14:55:10 EST 2004

Douglas Beck wrote:

> Hey, All.  I recently rebuilt my MythTV machine and I think this time 
> I've got something that's stable.  I just wanted to hear from people, 
> what their setup is and what their uptime is...  Here's mine:
> MythTV 0.14 PVR-250 AMD 2100XP Fedora Core 1:  Uptime 5 days
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Not got any 'real' figures to hand, so you'll just have to take my word 
for it ;-)

My Pundit P4 1.7Ghz, 256Mb, 80Gb, PVR-250  machine running...

SuSE 8.3  (kernel 2.4.20)
KDE 3.1
MythTV, MythVideo, MythGallery, MythNews 0.14

... is very stable. It stays up and running for weeks on end, and has 
survived my 2yr old daughter turning it off via the wall socket a couple 
of times and a power failure. I can't remember the last time I had to 

My wife even uses it (including a manual record!!)

Mucho Kudos to all involved.


"From yourself, you can't run away." - Killswitch Engage.

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