[mythtv-users] Machine Crashes when trying to watch live TV

Craig Garvie cgarviereg at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Mar 4 05:04:04 EST 2004

A bit more info on this
Recording Work ok- and they can be seen in the preview window, and can be watched through Mplayer as long as logged in as ROOT. (though sound phases a bit)
(as a side note to this, why is programe name not included in filename)
machine crashes if i try to watch saved files with mplayer (not as root), in the same way as if i try to watch live tv.
I have tried starting back and front end as root but still cant watch live tv or recordings for that matter through myth.
Ta once more

Ivor Hewitt <ivor at ivor.org> wrote:
On Monday 01 March 2004 12:47, David Willis wrote:
> >> I'm using Myth Version 0.14
> >> with DVB drivers (latest from CVS 29/02/04)
> >>
> >> I have a Haupagge Nova-t card with a 1Ghz Nehemiah EPIA M10000
> >> Motherboard.
> >>
> >> Myth backend seems to run ok with no errors, but when i select "watch
> >> TV ", i get 2-3 seconds of sound, and a single line of picsels. The
> >> machine then completly crashes, and i need to reboot to bring machine
> >> back up.
> >>
> >> I tried DVB stream and i can stream ok to mplayer but only if logged
> >> in as root.
> >>
> >> any idea's ?
> >
> > is mythfrontend running as root? whats the rest of your
> > software/kernel/driver setup?
> Sorry to butt in here. I'm the guy who helped build Craig's system. We
> tried running both front and backend as root and as a normal user. We're
> using Suse 9.0 with Suse's default 2.4.21 kernel. Apart from the dvb
> drivers, all the drivers are those that came with Suse.

Butt away. :)
I didn't realise Suse came with any via video drivers as standard. I take it 
in that case you're running totally with software mpeg.. in which case... 
no idea why it isn't working!


Ivor Hewitt.
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