[mythtv-users] New version of windows filters for mythtv

Robert Rozman rozman at fri.uni-lj.si
Mon Mar 1 03:43:02 EST 2004


I see from post that you know how to connect directly to my backend. I
wonderhow hard is it to connect to live tv stream.

I'm asking this cause I'm thinking of posibilities to connect videolan
client to mythbackend to stream multicast live tv stream to whole house
devices - so in short - how hard is it to connect to mythbackend and what
negotiation has to be made ?

Thanks in advance,


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Subject: [mythtv-users] New version of windows filters for mythtv

> Just wanted to tell that I have released a new version of the directshow
> filters for mythtv (0.5).
> Some of the changes:
> * Transcoded and/or files that have been cut shod work better now.
> * The configuration is moved to a separate program.
> * A new filter that reads from mythbackend directly.
> This filter uses two urls to play files, myth://host:port/file.nuv (same
> used internaly by mythtv) and mythlivetv: Channel changing is not
> implemented yet.
> * mpeg2 nuv files no longer needs to be renamed to .mpg work properly.
> * One of my test recordings containd weird timestamps at the beginning,
> caused audio to not work at all until seeking atleast once. Timestamp
> handling is improved and this shoud not be a problem any more.
> And some other bugfixes and improvments.
> You can get it from the download page at:
> http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/dsmyth
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