[mythtv-users] Generic Show Titles - Scripting Help Request

zaphod at comcast.net zaphod at comcast.net
Wed Mar 3 10:53:24 EST 2004

Not sure what the best language to handle this in, maybe perl, which is why I'm asking instead of doing it myself . . .

The problem:  Motorsports in particular, but occasionally other programming will have a very generic show title, like "Auto Racing" or "Motorcycle Racing", often followed by a decent description of what the event is . . . "Auto Racing: Formula One Austrailian Grand Prix".

I do NOT want to set Myth to record "Auto Racing" anytime its on SPEEDTV, short of a new Myth feature that will record anything with "X Y Z" in the title or description (PLEASE), I thought a flexible script might do the trick.

The would be run after daily listing downloads and check for key words or phrases in the database.  It would reformat those entries, either using the key phrase as the title or adding the key word to the end of title. This would let someone record "Formula One" anytime it was on television.

The script could be made flexible by feeding it a simple text file of key words or phrases, and instructions on what to do with them, "R" for replace title or "A" for append to title.

The other issue I thought of is the year, I want Myth to record the 2005 Austrailian Grand Prix after the 2004 Austrailian Grand Prix, but I don't want it to record the three replays of the race, the script would need to append the year to the description if its not there. (I don't think it was when I looked last night)

The final question is whether this can be done without breaking Myth, as long as it is done regularly (daily with the cronjob).

Thanks in advance if someone would like to tackle this one . . .

This is pretty much the one thing I miss my Tivo being able to do that Myth can't handle (YET).


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