[mythtv-users] commercial "entertainment PCs"

Micha me at ceeyafree.de
Tue Mar 2 17:14:22 EST 2004

I also like the idea, but from a little other view i guess...

1. I like the idea to help people not so familiar with pcs
2. When i take a look at the situation in germany there only is the MCE
possibility to get a "out of the box" HTPC
3. It would be a great idea to donate the creaters of mythtv in such a

Problems i see
1. How and who should build a structure...
    There is the regional problem (countries ...)
    What about Marketing, Logistics,...
    Management of e.g. Hardware Components to ensure ONE standart (if not i
guess that hole project will loose his
2. Is it in the mind of the developers and every supporter out there to use
their ideas and their efforts to earn money ?

Well as u can see i thought about it for a while and im interested in ur
Could be a great idea i think
One of the best parts is that if there is a project beginngin like that it
would as far as i know the first one with commercial attitudes and such a
big open source community in its back....
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> I couldn't have said it better myself.
> I'd like to add a suggestion or offer I suppose.
> I'm still new to the linux world so coding I won't be
> much help . ..YET
> But HTML I can do, and support is something I'd like
> to give. Even if it's only $10 perhaps you could set
> up a paypal donations account or something?
> I'm all for supporting this project because it's
> EXACTLY what I was looking for and I'd like to help
> out even if helping out includes something as simple
> as creating a user-forum (I'm not a huge fan or
> mailing lists) or doing some HTML work on the main
> page.
> I'll try to learn more and help out much more in the
> future, but the offer stands. You have my FULL support
> Adrian
> --- Lance Tost <ltost at pobox.com> wrote:
> > It sure would be nice if MythTV could make its way
> > into some of the
> > commercial markets before our TVs are dominated by
> > Microsoft as well...
> >
> >
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