[mythtv-users] Hey all

Ed Benckert ed at ebonmists.com
Tue Mar 2 11:50:16 EST 2004

Ed Benckert wrote:
> I'm playing with the software as we speak. The database load IS fast, as 
> it should be. The bottleneck is building the tree, I'm very slowly going 
> through the code (as I am very infamiliar with it) and trying to figure 
> it out. Right now my code is looping 348 times, and I'm trying to find 
> out why... I thought it was because I had 348 songs in my playlists, but 
> I deleted playlists from the DB and its still looping 348 times... so 
> its something else. Its not # of songs... I havd 1800. But that 348 item 
> loop is taking 4 seconds. At home with my myth pc hooked up to my 'real' 
> database it takes upwards of 30 seconds to build the tree.
> I'll keep ya'll posted.

Just realized I posted this to mythtv-users... Any responses I do from now 
on will be on the dev list, it's off topic here.

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