[mythtv-users] mythbackend locks after/before scheduled recordings

Jan Dumon jan.dumon at acunia.com
Tue Mar 2 02:09:03 EST 2004

tom gill wrote:
> 2)  When I have multiple scheduled programs I usually get one recorded 
> fine.  The backend is still up and running and mythweb is responsive.  
> It seems that when the second recording is to start that it freezes on 
> me.  I went to check mythweb from work and got nothing.  Logging into my 
> box and issuing a "/sbin/services mythbackend restart" fixes the problem 
> and it starts to record the show if it happens to be in the middle of 
> it's scheduled recording.  I installed the new firmware for IVTV and 
> that took care of a few bugs I had earlier on, but not this one.

I had the same problem. Disabling the automatic commercial flagging
fixed it... (Don't know why though...)


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