[mythtv-users] Changing channels on a Motorola DCT6000 HD cable boxfrom MythTV?

Brian Varney bvarney at nebraskatriangle.org
Mon Mar 1 18:17:18 EST 2004

I also have a DCT6000 cable box.  The cable company owns mine.  ARRGG. 
Anyway I'm also interested if it is possible to change channels via
ethernet or usb.

> On the weekend I had gone into a stereo shop for something quite unrelated
> to digital cable and ended up leaving with an HD cable box!  It's a
> Motorola DCT6000, and it has an Ethernet port as well as USB ports.  No
> serial port, however.  Does anyone know whether one of the ports might
> allow my MythTV box to change the cable channel?  (Early indications are
> that the Ethernet port and the USB ports are actually not active, but
> chances are that someone else in this list has played around with the box
> more extensively than me.)
> If this box does have a channel-changing capability over USB or Ethernet,
> I have a better chance of pressing my cable provider to let me do so,
> since I now own the box.  In theory.  (They have previously told me that
> the serial port couldn't be enabled on my old DCT2000, even though the
> firmware rev on it did support serial comms, according to some Tivo
> newsgroup postings I found.)
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