[mythtv-users] Programs that run too long

Bill Oberman Oberman at BodyMedia.Com
Mon Mar 1 11:18:32 EST 2004


I was wondering how people handled programs that run too long, for
example, the Oscars.  I know I should I remembered ahead of time and
added a per show "extend the end time" setting (whatever it's called
under advanced recording properties), but I forgot.  I started watching
the show, and realized my mistake.  The recording itself hadn't caught
up to the end yet (I was about an hour off real time).  So I went to the
advanced recording screen, and set "extend the end time".  But, it seems
that once the recording starts, Myth no longer looks at that setting?
At 8:30 my recording stopped, and I scrambled to start a new one.

Anything like this happen to anyone else?  Is there a way to easily
extend a recording real-time?  If not, does anyone else want a way?
Even if you remember to add a end time extension, what if you're wrong
and want to extend it more (after show start)?



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