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On Wednesday 23 June 2004 07:10 am, Ed Benckert wrote:
> This is getting way off topic, but I had to chime in here.
> Regarding pirating and P2P and all that, I stand by my assessment that P2P,
> piracy, illegal sharing, etc is not hurting the recording industry, the
> movie industry, etc nearly as much as they scream it does. Why? Because
> 99.999% (only a guess, but I'd bet it's near accurate) of the people
> downloading and using these mp3's, movies, tv shows etc, if they could not
> download them for free, WOULD NOT BUY THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Damned straight!  With the high standards exibited by modern media, when I 
download something for free, I can be assured of getting what I paid for!

I loved your analogy to a trip to Nebraska.  That arguement sure trumps the 
people who say, "if you wouldn't pay for you , you shouldn't use it."  I 
liked this post so much I'm putting it in my archive.

> I dont see how someone's losing money.

I do!  Their own greed is killing their industry.  They won't promote good 
acts.  They won't pay the ones they do promote.  They overcharge for their 
product.  They sue their customers.  They spend lots of money to lobby D.C 
for even more copyright power.  All this in an economic downturn.  And they 
wonder why they're losing money?

> (Of course this doesnt get into the big operations pirating and selling
> pirated stuff... THERE the music, movie, etc industries DO lose money...
> someone is willing to pay for a product, and the money didnt go where it
> should have...)

Right again.  If anyone makes money on an album, it should be the ARTIST!  In 
the mean time, we still have the right to fair use... And don't let the media 
mogals tell you otherwise.

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