[mythtv-users] Feature request and offer of assistance

Ian Forde ian at duckland.org
Mon Jun 21 05:15:15 EDT 2004

On Sun, 2004-06-20 at 21:46, brian weatherill wrote:
> Enhancement request:
> 	1. Looks like it'd be easy (I could be wrong, I'm no coder) to do the following
> 		When I record a live show, do:
> 			close the capture file momentarily but buffer video
> 			Delete all video content in buffer prior to start of current program
> 			Move the NUV file to the Myth Video directory from the Live directory
> 			carry on recording..
> 		That gives you the exact same function as Tivo (and I believe Tivo does it something
> 		like this way

Heh - Many have asked about that one, though it's not to the mythvideo
directory that it would go.  It would go the recorded programs
directory.  One way of doing it would be:

1. Record the file until the end of the scheduled recording.
2. Put in a cutlist entry for the start of the program.  For this, you'd
have to know at what time "watch live TV" was started.  So with a little
subtraction, you'd be able to know how far to delete.  Thinking about
this a little more, you could put in a cutlist entry in the ringbuf file
when "watch live tv" is started in the first place.  And another at the
start of the current program.  (Subtraction still applies here.)
3. After the show has ended, rename the ringbuf file to the proper
recording name (as defined by tuner, channel, and time...)
4. Do a forced pseudo-transcode just to cut the file appropriately. 
This happens when the program has ended.

Of course, all that remains for this to happen would be for you to
submit a patch!  (I'm not a coder anymore, but this feature sounds


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