[mythtv-users] Feature request and offer of assistance

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Mon Jun 21 05:11:55 EDT 2004

brian weatherill wrote:

>Enhancement request:
>	1. Looks like it'd be easy (I could be wrong, I'm no coder) to do the following
>		When I record a live show, do:
>			close the capture file momentarily but buffer video
>			Delete all video content in buffer prior to start of current program
>			Move the NUV file to the Myth Video directory from the Live directory
>			carry on recording..
>		That gives you the exact same function as Tivo (and I believe Tivo does it something
>		like this way

Lot's of people have mentioned this.  It's on my list to things to look 
in to, however it's not very high on that list, as I almost record live tv.

>	2. Check for the existence of VCD or DVD filesystem BEFORE starting the player
>		I'm having nightmares trying to stop XINE reporting errors if its launched with no DVD
>		in the drive.. The GUI is hidden and popup errors require keyboard input to continue
There's a setting you can use to automagicly start the player for DVD 
ans VCDs.  You need to turn on media monitoring in the general section 
for MythTV, then set the default action for the disks in MythDVD.  The 
default for DVD / VCD is to simply show the DVD playback menu in Myth 
but they can be set to start the player automagicly.

>Will try to work on:
>	Getting xmame to respond to LIRC requests to quit.. I may do this by using irexec to simply grep
>	and kill the process for xmame (dangerous.. but I'm no coder!)
xmame doesn't respond to *any* lirc events.  I'd love to be able to use 
my remote for it!

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