[mythtv-users] newproject: myltspTV

Michael Messner michael.messner_edv at inode.at
Sat Jun 19 20:27:51 EDT 2004

Hello lts- (users-) developers and (mythTV-  users) and developers,

 at first excuse my bad english!!
 I'm working on a ltsp-project, I'll try to get mythTV (www.mythtv.org)
 to work on ltsp (www.ltsp.org) as a local app.[1]..[2]

I'll try it as a local app because so you have the possibility to connect
more multimedia terminals to one server, otherwise I don't think there is
any (home) server who is able to reach the power to handle more
(multimedia-) terminals which are powerfull enough!

Now, most plugins are allmost working with ltsp 4.0 and I'm thinking to
make an official release in the next few months, but is there any
system(-profile) to handel local apps with the ltsp - project?

Thanks for any interest and any information!
cu m1ke

[1].... mythbackend is working on the (any => I hope) server, also
mysql, and the rest is like ltsp is needed for local apps on the

the machine is starting ltsp with autologin in kdm and now you must start
the myth-frontend by hand (with ssh -X)  (in future it will be automatic,
but now I need it for debugging! from the server) .....mythTV (TV-Plugin)
I can't test nw, but the VCD's (DVD => I don'know how to hande css
because of some right destrictions), Games (xmame is not working now) ,
Pictures, Weather, Video, News are working allmost! (the rest I have not
test it now).

Also a manual to get a nice case is in work

[2] ..you can find some (Pre-Apha-) pics on:

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 Intelligenz ohne Moral."
                               John Osborne, engl. Dramatiker

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