[mythtv-users] Re: MythTV does not run full screen on FC2

Craig Box craig at dubculture.co.nz
Mon Jun 14 04:57:12 EDT 2004

> According to the quoted thread it is an issue with QT or the way QT is
> called. There isn't any fix in mythtv CVS about this until now. :(

Ok, more questions:

- in FC2 the font has changed; it used to be the standard system (Luxi?)
Sans font I believe, now it seems to be something a lot less interesting.
Where would this have changed - is it a FC2 issue, or might it be a theme

Also, when mplayer runs from mythtv, upon exit, the gnome panel displays on
top of the mythfrontend window.  I will disable the gnome-panel in the
meantime but I'm unsure if there's a better answer.


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