[mythtv-users] Time problems with TV.

William wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Sun Jun 13 14:13:40 EDT 2004

> 1.
> Live tv is behind.
> I have searched and found out that it should be about 2 
> seconds behind. But i might start on 2 seconds then it gets 
> worse. After 5 minutes of 
> watching im a minute behind.
> I have a Nova-T DVB card and a old Geforce 256. And a 600Mhz 
> CPU. Mabey i need to upgrade to be more on time?
It would appear that you need more processor or less other stuff going on at
the same time. I am not familiar with the Nova-T specifically but you may be
able to turn down the bitrate and get improved performance. What does top
say about your processor usage? If its over about 75% while watching live tv
you are going to lose frames.  

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