[mythtv-users] Time problems with TV.

Martin Saldert martin at krelab.se
Sun Jun 13 07:08:04 EDT 2004

Hi all.
 I have 2 time problems whem using the TV function.

Live tv is behind.
I have searched and found out that it should be about 2 seconds behind.
But i might start on 2 seconds then it gets worse. After 5 minutes of 
watching im a minute behind.
I have a Nova-T DVB card and a old Geforce 256. And a 600Mhz CPU.
Mabey i need to upgrade to be more on time?

When i record i dont get the programe i want.
Example. I setup that i want to record Southpark starting 22.00 ending 
What i get recorded is 10 mins of the programe before Southpark and 
missing the last 10 minutes.
So the actual recording is between 21.50 and 22.20.
I have checked the time of my machine and its correct.

Any ideas?

/Martin Saldert

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