[mythtv-users] PVR 250 and channels

Jesper FA list at j-f.dk
Fri Jun 11 13:31:01 EDT 2004

On Friday 11 June 2004 00:02, Eric wrote:

> 2) Initialize the pvr250 using test_ioctl:
> # Set input to tuner 0
> test_ioctl -d /dev/video0 -p 4
> # Set video standard to PAL
> test_ioctl -d /dev/video0 -u 0xff
> # Set video resolution to full PAL
> test_ioctl -d /dev/video0 -f width=720,height=576
> # Set the msp3400
> test_ioctl -d /dev/video0 -v input=3,output=1

I have done this, but I use ivtvctl instead.

> 3) Tune to a channel by using ptune.pl either with the frequency (in khz):
> ptune.pl --input /dev/video0 --frequency 203000

but use 
$ ivtvctl --set-freq=tuner=0,freq=189250
instead, shouldn't that work?
Checked a bit more. No it doesn't. The freq is apparently some kind of channel 
number. But I got it working now.

And also got it working with Mythtv now. Some mixup is happening with the 
channels, I have to fine tune them all by -107.

> To Isaac and the developers: This software rocks, great work!

From what I have tried now it does seem really nice.

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