[mythtv-users] Old topic rehashed - X-less backend?

David myth at dgreaves.com
Thu Jun 10 12:11:36 EDT 2004

Stephen Tait wrote:

> I've seen this crop up a few times on the list, with a myriad of 
> replies, none of which have really answered my questions, so I thought 
> I'd pose them more verbosely here.
> Crux of the matter is, I have a dedicated file server running Debian 
> stable which doesn't have X, Qt or a monitor, and I don't wish it to 
> either. It's far more suited to running (at least part of) 
> mythbackend, as it doesn't do anything very intensive and would be 
> ideally suited to serving the DB (since I already have apache, PHP and 
> MySQL on it as a testbed), and has RAID1 and all the usual gubbins.
> I've not looked into it yet, but I imagine it'd be fairly simple to 
> migrate the current mythconverg db off the current backend and onto 
> the debian box, and then point the backend at it, something I'm 
> planning on having a crack at once I've got my spiffy new remote 
> working - a matter of porting the db to another machine and then 
> changing mysql.txt I presume. This would then result in the (better) 
> scenario of the db lying on the more reliable box with all the other 
> backend stuff happening on the front-backend box.

yep - absolute doddle.

> The question I really want to know is, is it at all possible (or 
> planned as possible) to be able to run the entire backend suite on a 
> headless box? There was talk of a webmin module in the past, but I 
> don't know if this was planned as just an add-on to the standard 
> backend (hence requiring X and Qt) or as an implementation of the 
> backend without any of the X stuff.
> Thanks for any info!

rehashing the answers as I understand them:

Not in the way you mean.

You need and will always need to install Qt - it is not just a widget 
system it is a C++ component library. The components include data 
abstractions that Myth uses.

X libs are pretty small. Just don't install or run an X server or any X 
apps, don't plug in a monitor and tada - 1 headless workstation.


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