[mythtv-users] liter, cc, cid

Kyle Kelly kyle at kylekelly.com
Mon Jun 7 10:22:50 EDT 2004

Kyle Kelly wrote:

> There are two ways to do liter, cid, cc.  The first is to individually 
> fill each combo box with its own unique data.  The second is to fill 
> them all at once with the same select statement so that when you 
> select a different liter the corresponding cid or cc changes to that 
> as well.
> The only problem with the second way is that means that there will be 
> duplicates.  To see what I mean run this:
> SELECT Liter_Disp, CC_Disp, CID_Disp FROM Usr_AAIA_Vehicle  WHERE Make 
> = 'ACURA' GROUP BY Liter_Disp, CC_Disp, CID_Disp
> For the new aaia way we were using the second method, and for the old 
> aaia a while back we were using the first method, I personally like 
> the second, but I can see how some users may become confused with 
> being able to select the same value twice.
> So what do you think?
> Thanks.
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hahaha, obviously sent to wrong address, sorry guys.  I think I better 
take mythtv's email out of my address book....

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