[mythtv-users] Leadtek PVR2000

PAUL WILLIAMSON pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Thu Jun 3 13:04:01 EDT 2004

I have one of these and have tested it with my Windoze box with limited success.

Be careful, because the only way sound gets from the cable input to the processing 
is via an external connection from the card to the mobo.  If you have limited 
sound input, you're out of luck.  I can listen to live TV or cable feed, but the 
recorded file has not sound for some reason.  I have a couple Hauppauge PVR250 
cards in the current backend that work fine.  I wanted to add a third tuner, 
and picked this up for really cheap, thinking it would be a good solution.

I had to unplug my CD audio input on the mobo to get it working right.

Until I can get the audio to play with recorded streams, I'm holding 
off adding it to my Myth setup.


>>> ggalt at comcast.net 06/03/04 12:24PM >>>
Has anyone tried the Leadtek PVR2000 with MythTV?  Some details available at http://www.leadtek.com.tw/multimedia/winfast_pvr2000_1.shtml 

You can enlarge the image of the card and it looks like it has the same Conexant chips that the PVR-250 has, but that's just a guess.  Considering that these are selling at $70 in the US (v. about $125 for the PVR-250), I'm hoping that they can work as a reasonable substitute.


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