[mythtv-users] second instance of lirc "could not connect to socket"

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Jul 22 23:57:15 EDT 2004

Matt Morgan wrote:

> BUT I do know there's a problem, because when I try to run 
> change_channel.sh, or channel.pl (which it calls) I get this:
> /usr/local/bin/remote_irsend: could not connect to socket
> /usr/local/bin/remote_irsend: Permission denied
> searching for this "could not connect to socket error" on the archives 
> of this mailing list looked promising at first; but the most direct 
> advice I could find, that I chmod 666 /dev/lircd (or in my case, 
> actually chmod 666 /dev/remoted), didn't help. Same error.

Is remoted running?  I'm assuming that you ran some script on the LIRC 
source to rename all the "lirc" stuff to "remote" (as is done 
).  If so, you need to start "remoted" (which itself will create/listen 
on /dev/remoted).  Therefore, you probably need a start script (similar 
to the one you're using to start lircd) to start remoted.

Normally, the error you get if it's not running would be "Connection 
refused," but if you really have read/write permissions...

Also, check out the link I gave above--it's working to solve the same 
problem (but targetted toward Dish Network users with homebrew IR 
transmitters), and a second set of instructions may help explain those 
things that weren't perfectly clear in the first set.


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