[mythtv-users] DVB-S under MythTV

Lukasz Michal Rak L.Rak at elka.pw.edu.pl
Thu Jul 22 10:23:40 EDT 2004

> You do have to tell us what the issues are though.
My issues:
1. Using FC2, MythTV, TwinHan DVB-S card. I made almost all MythTV
configuration with setup program, but I do not know how to configure
channels in Channel Editor. I scaned satellite with scan utility but I do
not know what do all those fields in channels.conf file (generated by
scan) mean and which of them should I use in Channel Editor. In other
words I just can't translate the channels.conf file into channels
configuration in Channel Editor in MythTV.
2. Can not force mythfrontend to run in full screen. It starts in full
screen size window.

 May anybody help? Thanks in advance.

 Best regards,


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