[mythtv-users] 50Hz Broadcast Quality PAL playback problems

Thomas Börkel thomas at boerkel.de
Thu Jul 22 08:21:14 EDT 2004


Paul Mandell wrote:

> When running the older driver I can run at 720x576 and
> the whole picture looks much sharper (due to no

Did you have full screen with 720x576 (overscan working)? If yes, I 
would be interested in your modeline.

> scaling I guess), but this does not seem possible on
> the 6106 drivers, however I then get all manner of
> interlace artifacts when there is movement.

With 720x576? Have you tried the kerneldeint filter in Myth?

> Is the tv-out interlaced by default, or do I have to
> worry about setting an interlaced modeline using the
> 6106 drivers?

It is always interlaced, regardless of your modeline.

> Will scaling to 800x600 destroy the interlace?

Good question.

> Is there a guide that explains how to get optimal
> results from such a setup as mine. I understand that

That would interest me, too. So far, I haven't found a perfect setting.


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