[mythtv-users] 50Hz Broadcast Quality PAL playback problems

Paul Mandell mandellpaul at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jul 22 03:31:02 EDT 2004

I'm having great difficulty getting acceptable quality
playback of broadcast programs (i.e. videotaped as
opposed to cartoons or films) via the tv-out on the
mx440 to my Sony 29" TV. It just doesn't seem to be
running at the full frame rate.

I have an msi 6215 slimpc (celeron 850) with a PCI
MX440 and a PVR250, running myth 0.15.1. I've tried
the latest nvidia drivers  but I'm now back on the
ones that came with myth.

I'm sure the key is to preserve the interlace, but so
far all my attempts have been unsuccessful resulting
in programs that look like they're running slow.

When running the older driver I can run at 720x576 and
the whole picture looks much sharper (due to no
scaling I guess), but this does not seem possible on
the 6106 drivers, however I then get all manner of
interlace artifacts when there is movement.

Is the tv-out interlaced by default, or do I have to
worry about setting an interlaced modeline using the
6106 drivers?

Will scaling to 800x600 destroy the interlace?

Is there a guide that explains how to get optimal
results from such a setup as mine. I understand that
the tv-out on the PVR-350 preserves interlace and
gives a great picture, however I would rather not
spend any more money.

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