[mythtv-users] what are you recording (take 2)

Gregorio Gervasio, Jr. gtgj at pacbell.net
Wed Jul 21 19:25:47 EDT 2004

>>>>> Brandon Beattie writes:

>> Actually, for the first time, my system's capacity is going to
>> be quite inadequate this summer.  There is that little sporting event
>> in Athens next month -- 1210 hours broadcast over 6 channels (plus HDTV).

b> 6 channels? which ones?

        Sorry, it's mostly regular cable TV:  NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, USA,
Bravo, and Telemundo.  HDTV programming is 399 hours (seems to be
24 hours a day; includes replays?):


Actually, now that I've seen the programming grid:


it doesn't look that bad.  Excluding HDTV, there are at most three
channels active at any one time (and just one during primetime).

Gregorio Gervasio, Jr.

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