[mythtv-users] what are you recording (take 2)

Brandon Beattie brandon+myth at linuxis.us
Wed Jul 21 17:45:03 EDT 2004

>         Actually, for the first time, my system's capacity is going to
> be quite inadequate this summer.  There is that little sporting event
> in Athens next month -- 1210 hours broadcast over 6 channels (plus HDTV).

6 channels? which ones? I think NBC is carrying the olympics for OTA
broadcast.  My local NBC station has re-sold 4.7Mb/s of their HDTV
bandiwdth to USDTV which leaves about 40Mb/s of data which means 2-3
HDTV res streams or 6-8 low res streams.  That I think would be one good
use of DTV, even at low bandwidth, you could have 6 subchannels under 1
HDTV channel (All the olympics at once)  A good use, plus they could even 
keep their regularly scheduled programming at the same time.  I doubt this 
will happen though, but it would be nice.


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