[mythtv-users] Black screen with sound

Stephen Atkins atkinss at shaw.ca
Wed Jul 21 15:17:14 EDT 2004

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> Stephen Atkins wrote:
> >Every once in a while when
> >I try and view recording or watch live tv it shows a black screen
> but I do have
> >sound.  I've tried doing the PIP then switching the screens but no go.  I've
> >noticed that this only happens when I've not gone directly into MythTV from
> >boot.  I've got my system setup to autologin to xfce then launch
> mythtv.  If I
> >then exit Myth and go back in I get the black screen problem.
> >
> Maybe your Xv drawable is unavailable.  Do you have any other programs
> running that might claim Xv?  (I.e. MPlayer, xine, "first" instance of
> Myth frontend?)  It could be an application failing to shut down
> properly, or (much more likely if exiting X doesn't help) a session
> manager restarting an application that uses Xv before starting Myth
> frontend.
> Mike
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That looks like what is happening.  I've narrowed it down to when I've used
tvtime.  After I exit Myth won't display anything.  If I restart X its fine.  It
won't be a big deal for long since I'm almost done setting this thing up.
Unless xine causes that same problem.  I'll have to check when I get home from


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