[mythtv-users] Black screen with sound

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Jul 21 13:57:23 EDT 2004

Stephen Atkins wrote:

>Every once in a while when
>I try and view recording or watch live tv it shows a black screen but I do have
>sound.  I've tried doing the PIP then switching the screens but no go.  I've
>noticed that this only happens when I've not gone directly into MythTV from
>boot.  I've got my system setup to autologin to xfce then launch mythtv.  If I
>then exit Myth and go back in I get the black screen problem.
Maybe your Xv drawable is unavailable.  Do you have any other programs 
running that might claim Xv?  (I.e. MPlayer, xine, "first" instance of 
Myth frontend?)  It could be an application failing to shut down 
properly, or (much more likely if exiting X doesn't help) a session 
manager restarting an application that uses Xv before starting Myth 


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