[mythtv-users] shift/ctrl/alt + key keybindings (usb remote)

Ivan A. Beveridge ivan at dreamtime.org
Tue Jul 20 05:54:02 EDT 2004

On Tue, Jul 20, 2004 at 10:22:47AM +1000, Bill Coghill wrote:

> The Power key seems to send Ctrl-Alt-F1, which you would need to trap in 
> X as it currently switches you to terminal 1 from an X session.  Boy did 
> the misses kick my ass the first time that happened...

According to "dumpkeys" (with my remote), it sends the following jumble
(probably with the intention that nobody would normally map something
quite so esoteric):

(the ctrl, alt and shift buttons are all on the left-hand side of the
keyboard ... the right-hand ones give different keycodes). X doesn't
actually do anything with this, and nor does the window-manager (but I'm
just using fvwm).

I'd be interested to see if others get different output (and to confirm
what remote used).

dumpkeys shows a keycode for press and one for release. These are the
keycodes for the power-button (first 4 are on press, last 4 on release):

0x1d 0x2a 0x38 0x40 0x9d 0xaa 0xb8 0xc0

As a side-note, does anyone know where I could submit the keycodes (or
whatever) that is more likely to be seen than my wiki? I doubt lirc
bothers with HID-compliant remotes.


Ivan Beveridge	<ivan at dreamtime.org>

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