[mythtv-users] New nVidia driver

Boyd II, Willy wboyd at fulbright.com
Fri Jul 2 10:33:35 EDT 2004

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>>Has anyone else had problems with this driver?  I really want to use 
>>it, but it craps out when it loads any windows manager.  I 
>have removed 
>>RenderAccel "1" and it still garbles the screen.  I read that someone 
>>had trouble with SVIDEO output.  I can verify this, can others?
>Yeah, I'm having issues with it to.  Mine craps out with an 
>error like "Screens found, but no screens are useable."  I 
>didn't have enough time last night to play with it, so I just 
>put the 4363 driver back in and it worked just fine.  I'm 
>using COMPOSITE out on my card.

It's working just fine for me, on 2.4.22 kernel with the gf4mx that's on
the Chaintech 7NIF2 board.  Using SVIDEO out.

And I'm almost *positive* interlacing is in fact working.  I didn't
change any xfree settings, but I did go in an disable any deinterlacing
in Mythtv (in my case, it was the kerneldeint filter).  Only thing I
have checked on that first playback settings page now is 'extra audio
buffering'.  And ticker text and any other fast movement on screen looks
just fine.  :-)

- Willy

>Chris Wieringa
>cwieri39 at calvin.edu

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