[mythtv-users] Couple question Regarding MythDVD

Eric Joe sysop at tje1.com
Mon Jul 19 23:08:00 EDT 2004

dennis khoo said:
>> What is the command line I can feed to MythDVD to
>> have Xine always display
>> the DVD menu?
> Have you tried "xine -pfhq --auto-scan dvd -V Xv" ?


I had tried that yes, but since you emailed me, I tried a couple different
DVDs. It works on most of them, but not all.Thanks for the info. I only
had an old Creepshow DVD in the hotel last night with me, so I just
assumed since it didnt work on it, it didnt work at all. It still doesnt
work on it, but thats ok.  Thanks again


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